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The school is keen to promote the development of computing for every child. The children learn and develop a range of computing skills through a carefully planned curriculum and structured computing sessions using a range of software and hardware.


Pupils have access to a class set of laptops and ipads to learn a range of specific skills based around computer science and digital literacy. Computers and ipads are connected to a school wide intranet and to the World Wide Web (safely filtered through the Herts Intranet).


All teachers have their own laptop computers which are used for lesson preparation, pupil assessment and as a resource during lessons with all classes having access to an interactive whiteboard to enhance interactive learning.


Online Safety (internet safety and helping our children to be safe online) is an increasing concern for many parents and carers. Children have non-stop internet access through their mobile phone, iPod, games console, laptop or other devices. This may not always be with a parent or carer’s knowledge and can happen from anywhere, including the privacy of a child’s bedroom. The school takes Online Safety very seriously and parents/carers are asked to help the children by signing an  Online Safety agreement. We also send out Online Safety information for parents to further raise awareness via the website, newsletter and on Facebook. If you are looking for guidance, you may wish to speak to your child’s class teacher or email Hertfordshire’s E-safety Multi-agency Group: