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Curriculum Statement

The Richard Whittington child is an independent thinker and self-motivated learner who is open-minded to differing views and opinions.  We are proud to offer a knowledge-based curriculum which stimulates our children to question and reflect, collaborate, respect and care as well as ignite aspirations for the future. Our curriculum is engaging, exciting and innovative, incorporating and embracing all curriculum areas. 


Our curriculum has been designed to encompass knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live in today and the events from the past which have shaped our present. Through its investigative and progressive design, they will be able to explore concepts deeper, applying their knowledge in different contexts. 


We actively encourage all of our children to develop high expectations of themselves and to strengthen their own personal values, confidence and learning behaviours.  


Our community is at the heart of our teaching and learning and topics have been selected to embrace the wider community in which we live - celebrating our diversity, links with our locality and charities – as well as expanding children's knowledge of events and places they wouldn't ordinarily visit or know about.  

If you would like further information on the curriculum, please contact the school directly.