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Antarctic Adventurers

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This week I am playing Maths Penalty Shoot out.  This game can help you sharpen lots of Maths Skills.  I looked at reading numbers and scored 80 points.  My Maths was good, but my goal scoring was not!  Can you beat me?  Let me know your score.
Race4Recall Stages (Tested on Wednesday afternoons)
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This week we have learnt about traditional life on the banks of the river Nile and how the health of the Nile is being threatened by pollution and climate change. 
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Did you know that November is also Barvember?  For everyday in November there will be a series of challenges on the 'White Rose Maths' Website (  Each problem can be solved by using a bar model.  We will looking at some of the problems in class.  Here is a taster of what to expect!
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If you look on the website, there are trickier problems to solve and even some that might stretch your parents' or carers' brains (perhaps I should put them in the staff room too).  Please bring in any bar modelling problems that you solve, we'd love to see them!