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Fraction word problems: Read the question carefully and solve the following safari park problems:


1. The safari park has 36 monkeys. ¾ of the monkeys are squirrel monkeys. How many squirrel monkeys live at the safari park?

2. There are different species of cat at the safari park including Asiatic lions, Sumatran tigers and sandcats. ⅔ of the safari park’s 18 cats are big cats. How many big cats live at the safari park?

3. 27 of the lemurs at the safari park are ring-tailed lemurs. 3/9 of those make up one family. How many of the ring-tailed lemurs are related?

4. A group of 60 children went on a school trip to the safari park. 6/10 of the children had never been there before. For how many children was this their first visit?

5. Giraffes, tapirs and antelope are just some of the 54 hoofed animals that live at the safari park. Africa is the native home of 5/6 of them. How many hoofed animals come from Africa?

6. 4/7 of the safari park’s 49 Meerkats are female. How many female Meerkats live at the safari park?

7. Between 2:00 and 2:30, 88 visitors finished their visit and left the safari park. ⅝ of those visitors went to the gift shop. How many customers did the gift shop have between 2:00 and 2:30?

8. There are 2 species of flamingos living in the safari park, Caribbean and Chilean. Of the 72 flamingos, 4/9 of them are Caribbean, while the rest are Chilean. How many Chilean flamingos does the safari park have?

9. There are 75 species of fish at the safari park, living in marine and freshwater environments. If 3/5 of the species live in marine conditions, how many species are freshwater fish?