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Outdoor Learning

We had such a busy day on Thursday! After the children's amazing class assembly and activity, we stuck on our welly boots and participated in 'Learning Outside the Classroom' and 'Clean Air' Day! We spent the morning taking part in three activies:


The Journey of a Woodlouse


The children applied their recent knowledge of co ordinates and collected natural resources to create their own map for a woodlouse, with various plots! They then worked in partners to write and follow co ordinates, so that the little critter would be able to avoid or reach certain plots! 


Clean Air - Survey


Kingfishers are becoming more mindful about the environment, and we conducted a survey and tally chart to collect data on how many vehicles were parked in our car park, and how people travel to school. We are going to use this data in maths by representing in pictograms and bar graphs, and then analyse our findings. |We will then decide what action to take to try to improve this! Could some of us walk, or bike a little more? Another survey in a couple of weeks will let us know if we've had any impact. 


Outdoor Overture


We went right into our Forest School area with old instruments with a bid to recycle and reuse! We tied them into our outdoor area and explored different sounds and beats. We tried to mimic the pocketful of sounds that we could hear! We were very conscious of the amount of plastic bottles we had used in our early Science activity, so we cleaned these out and created our very own instruments with these too!