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Phonics- Phase 1

Phase 1- Listening and Attention (Sound Bingo)

Listening skills can be difficult to master for many children. Help children develop their listening skills.

Phase 1- Environmental Sounds (What the Ladybird Heard)

Recognising environmental sounds

Phase 1- Instrumental Sounds

Learn the sounds that musical instruments make with this original song from Nick.

Phase 1- Rhyme and Rhythm

Nursery Rhymes are a great way for children to become aware of rhyme and rhythm.

Phase 1- Initial sounds/ Alliteration

This is an 'I spy' video to help children learn the initial sounds s, a, t and p.

Phonics- Phase 2

Phase 2 Song

Learn phase 2 sounds with correct articulation.

Phase 2 Tricky Words

Words to read by sight

Phonics- Phase 3

Phase 3 Song

Learn phase 3 sounds with correct articulation.

Phase 3 Tricky Words

Words to learn by sight

Phonics-Phase 4

Phase 4 Tricky Words

Words to learn by sight

Phase 4 Phonics Consonant Blends

Phase 4 teaches children to blend consonants at the beginning and ends of words.

Phonics- Phase 5

Phase 5 Song

Learn phase 5 sounds with correct articualtion.

Phase 5 Tricky words

Words to learn by sight.