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Race for Recall

This week we had 10 children move up, which is so fantastic! A massive well done to Ali and Jude in year 1 and Riaz, Clio, Bradley, Amelie, Cody, Dominic, Samson and Josh in year 2. Well done also to Mia, Chloe and Elliott in year 1 and to Alex in year 2 for being just one point away from completing their quiz!
Practise your number bonds here so you can move up! Remember if you know your number bonds to 10, you can find them to 20!

Number Bonds to 20 Song | Learn Number Bonds w/ Sneaky Minecraft Sheep

Learn number bonds to 20 with this fun song. Chant along as the sneaky Minecraft sheep says each number bond to twenty. Teaching children number bonds to twenty helps them gain an understanding of the patterns within the number system. I made this video to help my five-year old daughter learn number bonds to 20.

In the front of your child's home learning journal, there is a race for recall tracking table. When your child completes their quiz correctly, the table will be updated with the date the quiz was finished.