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Robins (Year1/2)

Welcome to Robins!


We are Robins class! We are an enthusiastic bunch of curious and creative learners. This term our topic is 'The spirit of adventure'. Have a look at our page to see all the exciting things we have been getting up to! 

The Life Bus

This week the Life Bus paid us a visit. We spent time in the bus learning about how to keep our bodies healthy, including eating from the different food groups. We are looking forward to continuing this learning as we will be designing and preparing our own sandwiches in the next couple of weeks. We had a wonderful time on the bus, but the best part was definitely meeting Harold the giraffe! 

Outdoor Learning

As part of outdoor learning day Robins class investigated more about the sun. We learned about how shadows are created and observed how shadows move over the day, as the sun changes its position in the sky. We recorded these observations by drawing around a shadow at different points in the day. We also made our own sun dials and shadow outlines. 


The Spirit of Adventure.

For the next part of our topic we are finding out what it takes to be an explorer. We have already found out about some significant explorers who discovered more about Planet Earth and beyond. We will be looking into some explorers in more detail over the next few weeks and writing diary entries to describe their adventures. We will also be trying out some of our own exploration skills including mapwork, compass skills and direction planning. Have a look at the pictures below to see the explorers we have already learnt about as well as some of our moon art to help us think about what it was like for Neil Armstrong to explore somewhere different to Earth. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

An 'eggciting' adventure begins!

This morning we were shocked to come into the classroom to find mysterious footprints leading to a pair of  ancient and curious eggs! We think a dinosaur has left them here but we don't know why. Over the next few weeks we are going to learn all about dinosaurs, just in case the eggs hatch and we have a new class pet! We have written letters to the Natural History Museum and even created our own dinosaurs using 3D shapes to think about what they might look like when they hatch. 

The eggs that we found had been left in a nest!



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Our trip to the Sealife centre!

Today (4th April) we enjoyed an exciting trip to the sealife centre in Southend. We saw lots of intereting and different animals, some of which we had learnt about in our animals and habitats unit in our 'Under the Sea' topic last half term. We really enjoyed seeing the animals in a habitat similar to the sea and we even got to touch a live starfish!

Picture 1