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Uniform Information

We believe that a uniform helps all children to feel part of the whole school and supports the ethos that this is one team working together.  We hope therefore that parents will co-operate with our school uniform policy and ensure that all our pupils are suitably dressed when attending school.

The school uniform colours are dark grey, red and white.

Items of school uniform, including those items which are embroidered with the school logo, are available for purchase from the school suppliers Fosters Schoolwear Limited and My Clothing.

The following provides details of the uniform that should be worn. If there are any questions please ask at the school office.

Parents and carers are asked to name all your child’s articles of clothing clearly.



Grey trousers, skirt, culottes, pinafore dress, shorts

White polo shirt

Black, grey or white socks or tights

Black shoes (not trainers and flat-heeled)

Red sweatshirt or cardigan with Logo (preferred but can be plain)

Red and white checked summer dress (all checked), grey skirt and white blouse


Sports Clothing

Black shorts

Plain white T-shirt


Plimsolls (children will have bare feet in the school hall)

During cold weather a tracksuit or warm clothing should be worn.


Outdoor wear

Every child will need a coat. A red waterproof jacket with a fleece lining, embroidered with the school logo, can be purchased from the school suppliers. Hoodies are not permitted.


Hot weather

When outside during hot weather, all children should wear a hat for protection against the sun. A red legionnaire hat or a red baseball hat, embroidered with the school logo, can be purchased from the school suppliers.


Book bag and PE kit bag

All children (except Nursery) should have the red PE kit bag with the school logo on. This bag can then stay at school, with the correct PE kit in it, except for when the kit needs to go home briefly for washing. PE kit bags are available from Fosters and My Clothing.

All children in Reception and Years 1 and 2 must have a red book bag with the school logo on. Book bags are also available from Fosters and My Clothing.

From Year 3 onwards the school book bag is still the best type of bag to use as it keeps reading books and homework diaries flatter than the alternative rucksack-type bag. It also fits in your child’s classroom tray, rather than taking up extra space in the already crowded cloakroom areas.

However, from Year 3 onwards your child may use a different type of bag if you, or they, wish. Please ensure it is a bag that will keep things flat and that will not take up too much space in the cloakroom areas. This will need to be red or black.



Hair accessories should be in the school colours of dark grey, red or white.

For reasons of health and safety long hair must always be tied back during PE lessons. We would recommend that long hair is also tied back at all other times as it is safer and makes it harder for head lice to spread.



For health and safety reasons, we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exceptions to this rule are plain ear studs in pierced ears. In the event that children do have their ears pierced, only plain studs may be worn. We ask parents and carers to remove the stud earrings/jewellery before the children attend school on PE days. If the children attend school wearing jewellery and cannot remove the stud earrings/jewellery themselves they will not be allowed to join in the PE session for reasons of health and safety. School staff cannot help with the removal of jewellery and tape must not be used to cover the earrings.


Make up and nail varnish

Make up and nail varnish are not permitted.



We do not permit any pupil to wear metal shoe studs or heels for reasons of health and safety and to prevent damage to the floors.  Shoes need to be comfortable with sensible heels to help avoid accidents. All laces must be tied. No fashion footwear is permitted.



Hoodies are not permitted.