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WE'RE COMING HOME! A bitter-sweet morning indeed. We have thanked our amazing Team Leaders, and are off for our last meal before aiming to leave at 1:00pm. We will keep you posted on our departure!

WE'RE COMING HOME! A bitter-sweet morning indeed. We have thanked our amazing Team Leaders, and are off for our last meal before aiming to leave at 1:00pm. We will keep you posted on our departure! 1



With mixed emotions of excitement, pride, fatigue and more excitement, we face our last full day at Condover Hall. Here are our ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ since our last blog…




‘Aerial. Trek.’ Two words have never instilled such a surge of fear and adrenaline through the Condover Crew (apart from ‘Room. Check.’) Having increased their confidence dramatically over the past few days, the children climbed up many, many steps to face the 9-element route that include the Indy Bridge, parallel wires and a criss-cross rope challenge. This challenge truly reflected our children at Richard Whittington as they took risks, overcame fears, and most of all supported and encouraged those who needed it. This atmosphere and energy then carried the children into their next ‘high’ activity…


Trapeze. Climbing up a telegraph pole, each child then jumped from the platform to catch the trapeze bar and swing away in true Tarzan-style! This activity had all adults in shock, as although seemingly the most terrifying, it had the best turn out! Well done to ‘Kyle’s Avengers’, as you ALL had a go at this one!




Team ‘Power Squad’ put d’Artagnan to shame this afternoon in fencing and developed their skills in concentration, discipline and agility. Meanwhile, the 'Strong Team' used their excellent balancing and teamwork skills in ‘Low Ropes’, 'Kyle's Avengers' showed off their mapwork skills and knowledge of the grounds in ‘Orienteering’, and ‘Team G.O.A.Ts’ learned Circus Skills.


Sorry, must dash, we have a Disco to get ready for! #aintnopartylikeaCondoverparty



What a day! We all slept VERY well last night and did not appreciate our early wakeup call. But it was all worth it. This morning, the whole of the Condover ‘19 squad popped on their waterproofs, life vests and helmets and went down to the lake to dive into what we have been waiting for the most…the Water Activities!


Team ‘G.O.A.Ts’ and the ‘Strong Team’ were the first to grab a paddle and start canoeing, in a surprisingly civilised manner. To the adults’ bewilderment (and relief), neither team got wet at all during this activity! The children didn’t stay smug and dry for too long, however, as Raft Building soon saw them tumble in!


The same story cannot be told, however, for Team ‘Power Squad’ and ‘Kyle’s Avengers’, who (turning up to Canoeing already soggy from Raft-Building) managed to capsize their canoes a few times within just the first few minutes!


Showered, fed and refreshed, we then enjoyed afternoon activities such as; ‘Survival’, ‘Circus Frenzy’ and Initiative Exercises. Some of us have even braved the 'Aerial Trek' today, but we will fill you in on that tomorrow when we all have had a stab at the terrifying high ropes challenge!



Having settled down (eventually!) after the excitment of our first evening, we all had a wonderul 'lie-in' this morning, as our breakfast was at 7:50am. We eagerly devoured a cooked meal and started our day literally full of beans. 


We all had a jam-packed morning including activities such as; orienteering, buggy-building, abseilling, low ropes and rock climbing.


Team 'G.O.A.T.S' were the only team to have all children confidently plunging off the abseilling tower, whilst team 'Kyle's Avengers' painted their faces with mud and made fires in their 'Survival' activity. Team 'Power Squad' worked fantastically as a team both on the low ropes challenge and in their buggy building (the Daisy Duke buggy winning by far) and the 'Strong Team' showed their true strength rock climbing. 


We finished off our evening by making the most of the beautiful sunshine playing traditional outdoor games such as; Bulldog, Hide and Seek and Poison Ivy. Tired and showered we are clocking off for our first full day at Condover Hall. Tomorrow is an early start with a 6am alarm call - wish us luck! 




Year 6 arrived safely at Condover Hall this afternoon. They have all settled into their rooms and had a tour of the site. 

This evening they are enjoying a game of Cluedo outside. Can you tell who Colonel Mustard is? 

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Condover Hall Presentation to Parents