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Extra Homelearning

Hi Seoul!!


If you're reading this, that means that you have made the positive decision to complete additional work to further your learning, so great job!!


On this page, you will find some links to some extra work. It will mostly be Maths, English and Reading (as these link into everything we do at school), but I will also try to add a couple of other activities, such as Art, Topic and Science.


While it would be great to see the extra work you are doing, i'm going to ask that you please don't bring any of these worksheets into school to show me. The reason for this is, due to everything happening in the world right now, we have to be careful about what things we take into / out of school, so please don't bring the worksheets in. However, I would love for you to tell me what work you have done and how you found it. Alternatively, if you want to send me an email on the class email address with a picture of the work you have done, that would also be awesome!!