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Where do vegetables and fruits come from?


The nursery children have been preparing for our Harvest Festival next week.  We looked at different fruits and vegetables and discussed what they were called and whether we had eaten them before.  We then thought about where the fruits and vegetables come from.  Some of us thought we got them from 'Sainsbury's' and 'Aldi'.  We had a chat about how they got into the supermarket and how fruits and vegetables grow.  To explore this idea a little further we got our welly boots on and visited our local allotments.  We are very lucky as the Grandad of one of our children has an allotment and Mr Khan was happy to show us around.  We saw so many fruits and vegetables growing - big, round pumpkins, small red tomatoes, purple beetroot, juicy pears and even a few strawberries!  Mr Khan showed us how to use a garden fork to dig up red potatoes hiding under the ground.   He also kindly picked lots of pears for us to take back to nursey to eat at snack time.  Yummy!


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Our First Month 

The children in London Nursery have been very busy settling into the routines of the nursery, getting to know each other and having fun!  We have tried lots of new activities including building houses, exploring our forest area, washing cars, drawing pictures and lots of dressing up.