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Vision and Values


At Richard Whittington our vision is to challenge and enthuse. Feeling happy and safe, we aim to flourish through deep thinking and engaging opportunities. Our goal is to make a difference as resilient, respectful citizens of the world.



  • Aspire
  • Care and Respect
  • Collaborate
  • Question and Reflect

Richard Whittington

Richard Whittington showed us the power of aspiration, not just for himself becoming Mayor of London four times after starting life from a more humble background, but for his community.


He showed us the importance of reflection and questioning, thinking deeply about his experience and having the resilience to turn around and try again.


As Mayor of London, Richard Whittington understood the perspective of the people of the city and showed us respect & care for their needs. He funded projects such as drainage systems in poor areas.


Throughout his life, Richard Whittington worked with people to create a better life for his community, showing us how important collaboration is if you want to achieve something.