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Miss Wild introducing the new topic

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Fire! Fire! Topic Overview

Fire! Fire! Topic Overview 1
Dragon Eyes

Today we have looked at different ways to use clay to make dragon eyes! We looked at pictures of some that had already been made and we used what we had learnt through the exploration to then make our own dragon eyes! We think they look amazing and a lovely way to end our topic of 'Through the Castle Keyhole!'


Look out for the next photos tomorrow when we have painted them!

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This term we have been investigating materials. We have focussed on paper and answered 3 questions?

Investigation 1: Which is the strongest type of paper?

Investigation 2: How can we make the paper stronger?

Investigation 3: Can we use the paper to make a drawbridge? How strong is it? How can we test it?


Ask the children about their investigations!

Outdoor Learning - Building a house for a hedgehog
Before half term New York Class went out to the forest area to use a range of resources to create a cosy house for a hedgehog. 

Through the Castle Keyhole

This term we are learning all about Castles. This week we have been thinking about what castles look like and labelling all the different features castles have. Do you know the difference between a motte and bailey castle and a medieval castle?


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Picture 3
We received a scroll from a lost Knight called Sir Lostalot. He has asked us to help him find a new castle to live in. We have lots of research and learning to do so we can help him!